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  • ec@ps was launched in January 2009 having developed the product in 2008 and had a few organisations using it as guinea companies. (One has to be politically correct today)
    To date we have just over 200 users on the system in trial phase and we are getting some really great feedback from them The pillars of c@ps have been a great guide to the development of ec@ps:
    •    OWNERSHIP
    These principles will continue to guide further development of the system.
    Our new add on to ec@ps is the Score Card. This is a performance system that is very flexible and can be customized to many organisations and to suit individuals. The score card can have up to 8 elements for example; Financial Performance, Processes, People Development, Customer Service etc. and these can be customized and weighted per individual. Each of these elements can have Key Performance Areas, Key Result Areas, Objectives, Targets etc. which can also be weighted per individual. The measures can be between 3 and 10. As a result this is a very flexible tool that can produce a really accurate final performance score provided the individual measures are realistic and appropriate.
    We are hoping to add a 360° review process later in the year. This will really complete the performance process from Strategy to individual performance.
    We will keep you posted with New Developments, Information, Comments and Successes

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