About Us

  • The ec@ps process was developed by Clive Howe in 1999 having found that there was a need to simplify strategy and develop a process for easy implementation. He found that many organisations had very comprehensive and complex strategies but there was often a gap between the strategy and the operational implementation of this strategy. The ec@ps process addressed this gap and people found that they could easily relate to the one page process.

    The brand has grown and been introduced to a wide range of organisations. More than 400 organisations in Africa, UK, Europe and Australia, have adopted or used the model in one form or another and this number is growing. The reason for this growth is the partner network of accredited facilitators who have access to the material and have been trained to facilitate the system.

    In July 2002 the book “Simple Solutions to Strategic Success” was published which gives a clear understanding of the elements of the process and its application. Fifteen months after the book was published it went into second print and continues to sell well.

    This is available from Knowledge Resources in Johannesburg: www.kr.co.za.