• A simple one page strategic plan executed through an on-line performance management system



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    Are you looking for a simple, effective and affordable strategic planning, implementation and performance management process that aligns all the staff to achieving the vision?

    If you answered yes, then ec@ps is the tool for you.

    ec@ps is delivered in a practical interactive session that produces a One Page Strategic Plan, together with supportive Individual Performance Plans. Our web based execution system ensures the process is monitored and results are achieved. Any existing Strategic Plan or Balanced Scorecard can be incorporated into the ec@ps model with ease.

    Our web based system enables the strategic plan together with the individual performance plans, to be entered online. The system is designed to help your organisation execute against the strategy because the strategic plan is monitored and results are achieved. The strategy system is deadline driven and email reminders are generated alerting users of looming or imminent requirements. Progress against strategic objectives is recorded and Managers have line of sight (team and individual).

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